About LoneRanger


I am a 25 year old male residing in a city west of the Rockies. I enjoy photography, hunting, fishing, reading, blogging, and spending time with my beautiful wife. I studied human development in college and appreciate the many facets of human beings.

Because I am so amazed by human life and the human experience, I am a staunch believer in the right to defend life. Guns started as a hobby that I was raised around but after living in Los Angeles, CA for several years and seeing the uglier side of life I became more interested in concealed carry.

This blog is primarily the outcropping of my voracious newspaper reading. As I find stories related to the second amendment, particularly self-defense and concealed carry, I post them here. I will post other topics from time to time and occasionally add my opinion here or there as I see fit.

The name for the blog come from the fact that there weren’t too many voices at my college campus speaking out about self-defense and concealed carry. I often felt like a lone ranger and named the blog accordingly.


3 Responses to “About LoneRanger”

  1. Fred Taylor Says:

    Great site. I have been a reloader for 43 years, a Police Firearms Instructor 33 years and a CHL Instructor in Texas since the chl program began in 1995. I agree with all you said, I would only add that no matter what weapon a person chooses, if the grip does not fit the hand, they would not shoot well with it.

    I have carried 38, 41, 44, and for the past 25 years an officer model colt. I agree with your perspective of the Glock Compact. I have found it to be very reliable and recommend it frequently to my students. I am approaching retirement, and have left my two SA 45 to my two sons. I have started carrying a Glock 19 because of its reliability and the fact my wife, a chl holder, also carries the G 19. We now have the same weapon, magazines and ammunition.

    Would you have any objection to my providing your web site address to my students for their review?

    If you are not familiar with Colonel Jeff Cooper, his Cooper on handguns will back up all of your opinions and research.

  2. Mike Millian Says:

    Good read. Keep it up.


  3. Mike Milligan Says:

    Guess I should learn how to spell my own name. LoneRanger always has been one to thoroughly research something before forming an opinion. You might surmise that I am his father. Proud of the work that has gone into this web site.

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